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New Apron


Progress on the Apron as at 11th December 2013


Anyone visiting the club cannot have missed the work now underway....

The owners of the boats normally kept on the apron generously agreed to the removal of their yachts during October / November. Most were able to be stored at people’s homes or on land belonging to other members, the remaining few are now in the North side of the marquee.


Thanks are also due to the site team for their hard work moving boats and clearing up the site.


Quite a few people have commented on the view without any boats or the Bosun’s hut in the way!

This then allowed Pat Cunningham to start removing the existing planks, most of which were lifted by the end of November and subsequently removed from site.


A section of planks on the North side have been left in place for a short while longer, which has allowed us to dismantle and move the old crane onto the concrete section of the apron until its new supports are in place.


Thanks to Kingston Marine for their help with breaking down and  lifting the crane. The new crane on the South side is mounted on new piles and so does not need to be removed.

Mackley’s are now busy refurbishing and replacing the steel piles and joists supporting one half of the apron. The work is dependent on the state of the tide as they start removing the old joists and shortening the piles. Next they attach new flanges to the cut off piles.


After that the new galvanised steel  top sections are bolted on to the flanges ready for the new horizontal galvanised steel beams. It is worth mentioning that the piles worked on so far have been of good condition, generally only 10% thinner in wall thickness than when new, enabling good full welds to be achieved.

Meanwhile, Kingswell Transport have collected the softwood timber joists, and half of the Okan hardwood planks from the supplier’s timber yard in Sussex. They will be collecting the remainder of the planks once some of the existing timber has been installed on the apron, as yard space is limited! Mackley’s are responsible for placing the softwood joists on top of the steel beams, and then Pat Cunningham’s team will install the new planks. The combination of softwood joists plus Okan planks is recommended by the Environment Agency for coastal piers


Assuming everything continues to plan, and the weather is not too inclement, the new apron should be finished by the end of February 2014. We plan to produce further progress reports at intervals during the project, and also place a selection of photos in the Archive section of the Gallery. Click here to go to the Apron Album.



Andy Cubbage.


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