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The Bosun is in charge of the site and the marina, aided by the Assistant Bosun, and members of the site committee.  Work around the site is done by professional contractors where appropriate, but mostly by the site committee and volunteers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and who have to tackle everything no matter how mundane.  Help is always welcome.


Rates and charges are set annually in November/ December for the following calendar year.




Permanent berth for boats up to 30ft for 12 months includes unlimited use of the crane, pressure washer, and for boats under 2 tons the opportunity to store the boat ashore (subject to availability). Part year is not available.  £315 pm pa.  


If berthholders are considering changing their vessel, please contact the Bosun, in advance, to ensure that the proposed boat will fit into available spaces.


Metered electricity 


Each services pedestal on the new marina is fitted with two 16 amp mains power outlet sockets. Each socket is controlled by its own card operated meter. The marina meter cards are pre-loaded with a monetary value corresponding to a number of units of electricity. The cards are available for purchase from the Club bar and office and in the following denominations: £1, £5 and £10.  Once a card is inserted into the meter it will allow units of electricity to be used up to the value purchased. At current electricity prices a £1 card will dispense 5 units of electricity e.g. 5 Kw hours. Once the card’s value is used up no further electricity will be dispensed until a new card is purchased and inserted. Berth holders may protect their electricity supply by fitting their meter with their own padlock. Permanent berth holders must deposit a padlock key with the Office and/or the Bosun.


During the winter months when space may become available for longer periods, members may apply to berth in the marina. Price on application


Water Services


Each services pedestal is fitted with a permanently live, self-sealing, mains water outlet socket. Each permanent berth holder will be issued with a mating water hose connector to fit onto their own water hose. For health and safety reasons no hoses will be supplied by the Club for use in the marina. Those used on the apron will still be available for use on the apron but not usable in the Marina.





Members can apply to keep their boat on the site Apron, using the cranes to launch and lift as required. Boats that are dry sailed may only berth in the marina by prior arrangement with the Bosun and is subject to availability of space. A dry sailing package for boats up to 28ft for 12 months includes unlimited use of the crane and pressure washer. £206 per meter pa. Boats must be on fully functioning trailers.


The crane and pressure washer may be used by any member. Members wishing to use the crane should contact the Bosun prior to use. The charge for the crane is £20 per lift (£40 Up and down) and the pressure washer £7.

A member who is neither a marina resident, nor a dry sailor may have unlimited use of the crane and pressure washer for £165 per annum.


Small boats. Boats of 3m or less pay £50 per meter for 12 months.  Launching small dinghies is not ideal,  but with the addition of suitable lifting eyes the crane can be used.


For a full list of tariffs and payment terms please contact the Club Secretary or Hon Bosun with any questions.

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